No 1: One of the most expensive games ever made

Development cost for GTA 5 was a whopping $137 million, not including the marketing budget which was nearly the same!  This price tag makes it one of the most expensive games ever created.  Despite the high cost, it was a great investment as GTA 5 is also one of the best-selling games of all time.

No 2: Voice actors got ripped

Voice actors for the three main characters, Franklin, Michael, and Trevor, all went through physical transformations to better embody their roles.  Shawn Fonteno (Franklin) gained muscle, Ned Luke (Michael) lost weight, and Steven Ogg (Trevor) reportedly grew out his beard and mustache and stopped cutting his hair for months on end.

radio stations in GTA 5 are incredibly detailed, featuring real DJs and hundreds of songs.  In fact, there's over 17 hours of original music and dialogue spread across the radio stations in the game.

No 3: Radio stations are massive undertakings

The wildlife in GTA 5 is based on real animals, but with a few twists.  For example, the coyotes in the game are much larger than real coyotes and the mountain lions are actually pumas, which are not native to Southern California.

No 4: Wild animals are real (kind of)

A couple of celebrities sued Rockstar Games over their likeness being used in GTA 5.  Lindsay Lohan unsuccessfully sued over the character Lacey Jonas, and likeness rights were blurred in the case of Danny McBride and the character of Jay Norris.

No 5: Celebrities can sue, too

The stock market in GTA 5 is actually a complex and functional system.  The prices of stocks fluctuate based on in-game events, allowing players to make (or lose) a lot of money depending on their investments.

No 6: Stock market simulator

No 7: Yoga master Franklin

Franklin is the only character who can actually improve his yoga skill in GTA 5.  The better Franklin gets at yoga, the slower his ability meter depletes during activities.

No 8: Living, breathing world

Los Santos, the world of GTA 5, is constantly evolving.  Even after you complete the main story, the city keeps going.  Stock prices fluctuate, characters have their own routines, and random events can occur  This creates a sense of immersion and makes the world feel more alive.

No 9: Altered for re-releases

When GTA 5 was re-released for newer consoles, some content had to be altered or removed due to changes in cultural norms.  For example, torture scenes were toned down and the ability to buy clothing with profanity was removed.

No 10 : Hidden messages in the sky

There are rumors of conspiracy theorists who believe that the clouds in GTA 5 sometimes form messages that hint at future downloadable content (DLC).  Rockstar has never confirmed this, but it's a fun detail for players to look out for.